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We are Alden Advisors and these are our clients' testimonials

Our Manifesto is a look into our minds and the ideas that drive us. Our clients’ testimonials give a glimpse into the quality of their experiences guided by these very ideas and the effectiveness of our specialization, focus, and proprietary problem-solving.

Testimonials may not represent the experience of other clients and are not guarantees of future performance or success.

Great Place To Work

With remarkable speed, Alden Advisors grasped the workings of commonplace HR-initiated employee assessment processes and the differentiating capabilities of our SaaS-based Emprising employee survey solution. More importantly though, at critical moments during the transaction process, they provided the key ingredient required to keep the deal moving toward closure,” commented Michael Bush, CEO of Great Place to Work®. Mr. Bush noted further that “Alden’s blend of technology understanding, operations, and legal insights added efficiency to my team, allowing us to stay focused on growing our business during the transaction.” Lastly, Mr. Bush offered, “I am happy, at any time, to be a reference for anyone who wants to know how the Alden team increased shareholder value in a transaction that involved one of the most complex global acquirers on earth.

AA – Great Place to Work


Arteris IP

Alden Advisors displayed an excellent understanding of our solution, our acquisition objectives for Magillem, and most importantly, a cultural awareness for navigating the complexities of this international transaction. They were valuable partners in steering us through several cultural nuances and a virtual M&A environment due to COVID-19,” commented K. Charles Janac, President and CEO of Arteris IP



“Alden Advisors displayed an excellent understanding of our machine learning and intelligent computer vision solutions helping us identify Cisco as a buyer. They were valued partners as we navigated the uncertainties of COVID-19 and concluded a transaction without a single visit to our premises,” commented Johan Lenander, Modcam Chairman.”

AA – ModCam



“Early in our discussions, Alden Advisors grasped the inherent value of our firm and the differentiated nature of our product. They were key in helping communicate our story and close a transaction,” commented Brian Hoang, SURVIVR CEO and Co-Founder. Marwan Kodeih, SURVIVR CTO and Co-founder, noted, “Their deep technology knowledge not only helped us extract value in the M&A process but was invaluable in keeping us focused on growing our business during the transaction.”



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