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We are Alden Advisors and this is our Manifesto

Our manifesto is a look into our minds. Inside you’ll find our philosophy for value extraction, our appreciation for operations and entrepreneurship, our influences, and the ideas that drive us.

The Alden Advisors Philosophy

Your investment banker should empower, not frustrate…

We create exceptional transactional experiences for clients. Over communicating and strategic coaching ensure clients stay focused on their business and surprises are minimized.

How you fit in…

We work with smart clients who understand that our collective success requires a mutually beneficial partnership. Educated and risk-balanced partnering is what matters most. These clients are hard to find, so when we get them, we treat them well.


Personal Creed

“Work only with the best, by doing so, you experience the shared instinct and enhanced tempo and precision evidenced only when the finest are gathered”

~Derrick Reagins



We Think Simplicity, We See People and Real Value

Let’s discuss your “Fifth-Letter Identifier,” “EBITDAR,” “ZOPA,” “Beta,” or “TANSTAAFL”….

It sounds like a bunch of fancy-schmancy finance words designed to impress, doesn’t it?

The people considering a middle-market investment banker aren’t looking to be impressed with complex financial jargon. They’re your husband, your sister, and the group of friends in the nondescript office park on the other side of town. They’re real PEOPLE, real ENTREPRENEURS, thinking about real OPERATIONAL ISSUES, just like you and me.

That’s why we think a successful investment banking relationship is one that makes real business owners’ lives easier and their transactions jargon-free, one that makes them say, “This experience worked for me.” So we’ve made it our mission to ensure this kind of experience for all of our clients. At Alden Advisors, we don’t see clients; we see people, we see relationships, and we see value.


Size Does Matter


Wouldn’t you want your project to be 1 of 3 rather than 1 of 30?

We’re small, and we like it that way. It gives us the ability to turn on a dime, deliver tier-one service quickly, and dedicate extraordinary attention to your assignment and, most importantly to our relationship.

Our size allows us to work on projects we want to do rather than projects we have to do. Plus, we can all fit in an Uber (or two) if we really, really squeeze.


$100K, a BUM BEEF* and a BULLET** - Don't become a statistic***

Don’t be the business owner who awakens to find that after being seduced by the snake in a suit, they are $100K lighter, and they still have a year to be handcuffed to their banker, who did absolutely no work to create value for them.

We believe in value-creation milestones, and we’ll happily exchange results for compensation. But, if we’re going to be snake tongued, it’s going to be for you, not with you.

* A wrongful conviction (Choosing the wrong advisor)
** 1-Year of Prison Time (Duration of the continuing obligations of a bad agreement)
*** Business owners trapped by extended obligations in an unsuccessful investment banking relationship sometimes feel they and their largest assets have been imprisoned.

Don’t take our word for the gospel, get the facts:

Check references on our successes and, yes…our failures.


Are They Experienced?

We’ve been doing deals since that great market time…before that not-so-great market time, before what was to become known as the go-go market time, before that semi-OK market time, before….you get the idea. We’ve been doing this awhile in good times and bad, in-house, for ourselves, and for others. We’ve done large deals and small deals, each one managed as if it were the most important.


And I Quote…

Investment banking is not a business; it is a personal service where bankers work hand in hand with their clients. And it is a service that must not simply be about making bigger and bigger deals that reap rewards for only a small group of executives.

~Felix Rohatyn


I’m going to work so that it’s a pure guts race at the end, and if it is, I am the only one who can win it.

~Steve Prefontaine



Right-Fit Clients Only

I am a capitalist, and I believe in making a profit.

~Felix Rohatyn


In analyzing who we work with, we found our SUSPECTS see commodities, our PROSPECTS see value, and our CLIENTS are PROSPECTS that see value, AND they want us to make a profit. So we’ll step to the plate and bet on our own ability to deliver value, but we’ll only do it for CLIENTS.

SUSPECTS need not waste our time.



Thanks to those who leave the breadcrumbs in the forest. Who knows where we’d be without them.

  • Felix Rohatyn (Investment Banking, Lazard)
  • Steve Prefontaine (A persistent Olympian)
  • Michael Jordan (Greatness and class)
  • Dave Kellogg (Marketing Guro, Business Objects)
  • Mae Carol Jemison (Odds breaker, barrier buster)
  • Howard Zinn (Truth seeker)

Short Story

It’s better to tell a short story well, than a long one poorly.                                         


Suits Who?

We’re not fond of salespeople.

That’s why we don’t have any. Call us, and you’ll talk with someone who’s an expert at building businesses and maximizing business value, not at selling you something you don’t need.

Call “BigBulgyBankyShop” and you’ll get a new business development manager or junior analyst who knows little about your industry and less about business. This may help increase their sales, but what does it do for you?

At Alden Advisors, we’ll keep it real. No used cars. No snake oil. No miracle cures or fad diets. Just an honest take on what your business’ value may be and if we can help. Refreshing, isn’t it?


My Cousin's Buddy works at “BigBulgyBankyShop” and they’re going to do my deal

Then let him do it.

The money you save by using your cousin’s buddy is nothing compared with the cost in time associated with having Biff Tannen, the junior analyst, run your deal and the money required to undo his mistakes.


If we just hire the ~the Brand~ “BigBulgyBankyShop” we’ll get a HUGE premium from “HeardThey’llPayZillions, Inc.”

Las Vegas is fun for conferences or that wild weekend getaway, but smart folks never bet it all… or their most valuable assets, i.e., their business. That junior analyst is eager to get some experience shuffling cards at the blackjack table while the MD occasionally strolls past to check in, refill your drink, or comp you a room to boost your spirits.

Don’t be the owner or board of directors who bets the business because the evening always ends, the house usually wins, and you’re rarely any closer to that HUGE premium. At Alden Advisors, we’re your partners, and our success is 100% aligned with yours. The MD will work your deal to keep you focused on your business so that we can both celebrate the HUGE premium.


“BigBulgyBankyShop” says they’ll do my deal free and I’ll pay them only if they are successful

Then let them do it.

Anyone can transact on the Darling of Wall Street, having unbelievable value metrics, but when Biff Tannen, the junior analyst running your deal, realizes that you’re no Darling and your deal is really tough, you’ll suddenly calculate the tuition you’ve just paid to learn the lesson, perfectly quoted from the Urban Dictionary:

Cheap-ass people who refuse to pay for quality and/or experience always end up buying super cheap goods or services below the ‘it’s too good to be true’ mark. Then when said goods break, fall apart, stop working, or they are not happy with the service they were promised, they are genuinely surprised and will bitch to anyone within hearing distance of them that they got ‘ripped off.’


Comforting Poems vs. Real Truths

We’ll always convey real truths to clients versus whistling sweet nothings in their ears. “SayWhatevaBankyShop” may tell you you’re worth gazillions to win your business. While everyone on the other side of the transaction is destined to tell you, your baby isn’t as pretty as you think or the value “SayWhatevaBankyShop” sold you on. They are all negotiating and seeking leverage.

We create partnerships with clients built on the foundation of confidence and mutually aligned interests. If you believe your cousin’s best friend’s high school roommate’s comforting poems about your valuation, we’ll decline your business while investing our time to educate you on real market truths. We’ll also tell you what your future could look like if you don’t take action.

As partners, our journey together matters, and our team’s collective operating experience benefits you. Our real truths may echo similar notes about your firm’s beauty, but you’ll know that these truths are founded in real experience and communicated to build you up, not to break you down.


Relationships not Pitches or RFPs

Pitches are us selling you, while RFPs are you normalizing us. Neither of these benefits you.

Relationships focus on growing together. Relationships focus on blocking and tackling for better tomorrows.

Personalities are the key to good relationships and are hidden if we’re selling or you’re normalizing.

We want relationships where we understand you, your objectives, and the complexity of helping you achieve your goals. That’s why we communicate in Success Plans and not pitches or RFPs.


Dung Beetles – Is it all worth it?

Dung beetles are far and away the strongest animals on the planet, capable of pulling over 1,000 times their body weight. We’re experts at what we do and absolutely love doing it…for both our biggest and smallest clients. So if we can see your unique customer experience and believe we can help, we’ll put on a cape and tights (circa 1930s) or superhero armor (circa 1990s) for you.

If, however, you’re operating a bit commodity-like or you see us as a commodity provider who shouldn’t make a profit, we’ll decline to be your dung beetle. In the first case, we likely can’t tell your story any better than “CoffeeShopBankerDude.” In the second case, we’ll quickly ask ourselves, “Is an expert moving crap while making crap really all worth it?”


Aggressive or Reasonable?

We’re reasonable, not aggressive.
We focus on little wins in our negotiations and discussions.
We follow a real process, IP VaMP™; however, we always remain flexible
We believe that repeated 5.57-yard* gains and 3rd down conversions win more football games than ‘Hail Mary’ passes
We’re neither too “Conservative” nor are we too “Risk-Loving.” We’re just reasonable.

*2018 NFL statistics with the teams above this average were either 1st or 2nd in their division.


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