(June 2018) Alden Advisors, the creator of IP VAMP™, the Intellectual Property Value Maximization Process, is pleased to announce the acquisition of the smart locker provider Brightbox by their client, KwikBoost.  By acquiring Brightbox, KwikBoost adds a new, unique product to their lineup that will accelerate their growth with new technology, add new customer offerings, and help to reach their goal to have the most complete portfolio of charging stations in the world.

Alden Advisors leveraged its unique process, IP VAMP™ Transaction to helped position KwikBoost as the most promising acquirer in the competitive sale process.  By the demonstration of the strength of the KwikBoost brand and the certainty of being able to close the transaction, the Alden Advisors team conveyed clearly to the Brightbox shareholders that KwikBoost was the buyer that satisfied all of their objectives for the sale. Additionally, KwikBoost showed that its history of market successes would create the greatest legacy for the Brightbox assets.

Joe Mecca, CEO of KwikBoost remarked, “The Alden Advisors team brought us considerable knowledge in our acquisition of Brightbox.  Their team drove all aspects of negotiations, deal structuring, due diligence, and closing. Leveraging their unique process, IP VAMP™, helped us stay focused on running our business and planning post-transaction integration.”

Alden Advisors and KwikBoost partnered through all stages of IP VAMP™ Transactions, leading to the acquisition of Brightbox in June 2018. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

About KwikBoost

KwikBoost was founded in Dallas, TX in 2010 where they invented and patented the original mobile device floor stand charging station, the “M8.” Over the next several years they reached various milestones, such as becoming Apple Certified in 2011, charging their five millionth device, and becoming one of the100th Fastest-Growing Private Companies in North Texas in 2015. Today, they charge over 50 million devices and sell various mobile charging solutions to fit the needs of customers all over the world.

About Alden Advisors

Alden Advisors is an investment banking firm focused on maximizing the value of technology and niche intellectual property (IP) businesses in the middle market. Alden Advisors is the creator of IP VAMP™, the Intellectual Property Value Maximization Process.  The firm’s operational deal makers leverage its multi-stage consulting practice, IP VAMP™ Advisory, and its Core IP Experience™-focused capital raising and M&A practice, IP VAMP™ Transactions, to create experience monopolies and extract maximum business value.  For more information about Alden Advisors or its unique processes, please visit us at