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An overview of Alden Advisors and its unique process, IP VAMP – the Intellectual Property Value Maximization Process

In business, the bottom line is key.  You have a vision to make your business a success, and Alden Advisors will help you fulfill every aspect of that Vision. That’s why we created IP VAMP™, the Intellectual Property Value Maximization process. IP VAMP™ takes your company to peak value so that investors and potential buyers can easily see what you are truly worth.

Every stage of business growth is important. Whether you are in the early stages or are well advanced in growth, IP VAMP™ Advisory and IP VAMP™ Transactions can help your business break through to the next level.

The science and the art behind Alden Advisors’ success is our focus on the Core IP Experience™ associated with your business’ products or services and your differentiated delivery to your customers. We will guide you toward helping your customers see you as the go-to choice in your field and to ensure that future investment or acquisition partners appreciate the value of your customer experience.

The “Entrepreneurial Plateau”™ often causes business owners stress and leads them to spend too much time working within their business versus working on the growth of their business. These stresses leave owners spending more time with accounts payable than with potential clients or family and friends. Our unique IP VAMP™ process focuses on your individual dreams for a better, higher growth future and then provides a tailored path forward. IP VAMP™ helps business owners:

  • Identify a partner that helps you break through the Entrepreneurial Plateau™
  • Surround your products or services with the right tools and resources to ensure faster growth and entry into new markets

Your operational excellence and intellectual property are the engines that drive your business, lay the foundation for financial success, and bring you closer to your future vision.    Alden Advisors has a solid track record of enhancing value for our clients, expanding market share, and executing complex transactions.

We work with shareholders, executives at all levels including C-Suite executives, corporate development professionals, and private equity firms in a range of services, including:

  • Sale or divestiture
  • Acquisition or investment
  • Due diligence
  • Restructuring
  • Scenario planning
  • Special projects or committee work
  • Intellectual property assessment and licensing
  • Marketing and strategic partnerships
  • Competitive intelligence